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Hope you are doing good during these testing times. From UVCE Graduates Association, we are requesting you to stay home and stay safe. Adhere to the Govt guidelines and try to help anyone who might genuinely need assistance. While many of you are staying at home, we thought it will be good to share few resources/links to know more about the journey of UVCE and UVCEians, which will make us proud of being part of the family! Here are few of them (We will keep adding more)




Payana Inauguration

Dr M R Srinivasan

Prof Roddam

Dr Venugopal K R

Panel Discussion: 1

Dance – Karthik

Down the MemoryLane-1

Down the MemoryLane-4

Faculty Felicitation

Prof Japhet

Panel Discussion: 2

Krishnaprasad -1

Down the MemoryLane-2

Down the MemoryLane-5

Conclusion + Photo Session

UVCE -100 Years

Panel Discussion: 3

Krishnaprasad -2

Down the MemoryLane-3

Ex-Faculty Felicitation

Complete 122 editions of Sampada – To Refresh your memories

Blog to know what alumni have done – “Giving Back to UVCE”

Alumni – Giving Back – in last Decade

Dr V K Aatre – DD Chandana Interview

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