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UVCE Act 2021 Highlights – UVCEGA Next Steps

As you all are aware that the UVCE Act 2021 was passed recently by the State Govt in the Assembly (Know more here). In this regard, we wanted to plan the next steps from UVCEGA and hence had a small meeting with a small group of alumni to begin with. Here is a video (20-min) which explains the Highlights of UVCE Act-2021; Key Recommendations from the Committee; Concerns; Current Stats and Next Plans from UVCEGA. You can watch it here:

Please note that some of the numbers/stats mentioned in the slide-deck may not be entirely correct. We have tried our best to collate the right information. If you wish to read the complete Act or the Complete Report submitted, you can click on the respective buttons accordingly:

Based on the discussion, as explained in the video, we have decided to setup THREE Committees:

  • Research and Innovation Committee
  • Industry and Collaboration Committee
  • Fund Raising & Branding Committee

The main idea is that these Committees will need to come up with an Action Plan with atleast 5 Short Term and 5 Long Term Suggestions for UVCEGA and alumni within next 45 days. Few alumni have already volunteered to be part of the effort. If you would like to join hands, please fill the form below and we will contact you accordingly.

If you are not a member of UVCE Graduates Association yet, we request you to register now and be part of the proud UVCE alumni community ! Also, please spread the word among your other UVCE friends and batchmates. You can share the video so that they get the overview of the UVCE Act-2021.

For any query/suggestions, write to us @

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