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UVCE Bill-2021 passed in Karnataka Assembly

We are elated to announce that the UVCE Bill-2021 was passed in the Karnataka Assembly which grants autonomy to our alma-mater and will help to achieve the glory it deserves.

Being the First Engineering College of Karnataka, UVCE deserved this opportunity to shine and grow on par with the institutions at national and international level. We thank the Karnataka Govt, Basavaraj Bommai, Hon’ble Chief Minister; Dr C N Ashwathnarayan, Hon’ble Minister for Higher Education; concerned officials and the Special Committee Members for taking it up and making it a reality. Here are some glimpses as it happened and the reactions:

Video from the Assembly when the bill was proposed :

Dr Ashwathnarayan LinkedIn Post

Prof S Sadagopan LinkedIn Post

If you would like to read the complete UVCE Act bill presented, we have got you covered.

We will be updating more information and keeping you informed of all the details. Meanwhile, UVCE Graduates Association would like to mention that this is the right time for the alumni to come together and give back to our alma-mater. From UVCEGA, we are planning to create a platform for everyone interested to join hands. We invite you to share thoughts, ideas and how you will be interested to help.
We are intending to have 2 fold action plan – Short Term (within next 6 months) and Long Term (for next 4-5 Years) and we need your expertise and inputs. You can write to us at

Meanwhile, if you are not a member of the UVCE Graduates Association, we insist that you register today! Its just filling the online form (a 2 min job) and paying a registration fee of 600/- for lifetime membership. Here is the link to join:

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