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UVCEGA Scholarships 2021-22

There has been some delay this year for announcing the Scholarships from our end due to various factors. But, the list is finally here. In total, we are giving Scholarships as below:

  • 15 Laptops
  • 20 Full Scholarships
  • 35 Half Scholarships

We have tried our best to extend support to as many people as possible. We know and understand that each of the people were eligible and deserving. We assure that, apart from Scholarships too, if you approach us for any other support/guidance, we will try to help. Also, we are working on other initiatives like Best Class, Placement Bootcamp and others from which you can benefit from.

We are thankful to the alumni for the support and showing us that when there is a need, there is no dearth of helping hands. UVCEGA taking over from VisionUVCE, is announcing the list for the first time and we are happy to see the involvement of alumni to this extent.


Sl No Name Branch Year Sl No Name Branch Year
1 Sharathkumar H S MECH 1st Year 9 Padma CIV 3rd Year
2 Jyotiba Trimukhe CSE 2nd Year 10 Anil Parashuram Hatti ECE 2nd Year
3 Dhanusha M EEE 2nd Year 11 Neha ECE 3rd Year
4 Aishwarya CIV 3rd Year 12 Bhimashankar Biradar CIV 2nd Year
5 Tarun CIV 3rd Year 13 Mahalakshmi CIV 3rd Year
6 Siddalingayya Mathad MECH 2nd Year 14 Chaithra T G MECH 2nd Year
7 Abhijith Kini CSE 2nd Year 15 Nagendra Raigond ECE 3rd Year
8 Karan CSE 3rd Year

Full Scholarships

Sl No Name Branch Year Sl No Name Branch Year
1 Sabhasuman K CIV 4th Year 11 Shivaraj Gurav MECH 3rd Year
2 Sushmita CIV 3rd Year 12 Akhilesh B R ECE 3rd Year
3 Mallikarjun S CIV 3rd Year 13 Basavaraj Dolli CIV 3rd Year
4 Thejaswini M ARCH 3rd Year 14 Chandana T N EEE 2nd Year
5 Rashmi CIV 3rd Year 15 Chaithanya C CSE 3rd Year
6 Sanjay S MECH 4th Year 16 Revanasiddesha U CIV 3rd Year
7 Ramanjinayak G C MECH 3rd Year 17 Kiran G CSE 1st Year
8 Lakshmi CIV 3rd Year 18 Goudappa B   Balagannavar EEE 3rd Year
9 Shabhaz M MECH 3rd Year 19 Teja N MECH 2nd Year
10 Bharath SH EEE 2nd Year 20 Yashwanth L C EEE 2nd Year

Half Scholarships

Sl No Name Branch Year Sl No Name Branch Year
1 Anusha N EEE 2nd Year 19 VijayMahentesh MECH 1st Year
2 Biresh pujari CIV 3rd Year 20 Tejas Arvind CIV 4th Year
3 Punith C R EEE 2nd Year 21 Nikhil B N ECE 2nd Year
4 Sachin Khot ECE 3rd Year 22 Bhavana G B CIV 3rd Year
5 Satvat Sagar ISE 1st Year 23 Prakasha K M EEE 2nd Year
6 Veerabhadra Kumbar ECE 3rd Year 24 Sanjay P MECH 2nd Year
7 Mhmd. Sabil EEE 2nd Year 25 Soundarya ECE 3rd Year
8 Pandu CIV 3rd Year 26 Sachin Somannavar MECH 4th Year
9 Kishor Yaraskar CIV 3rd Year 27 Abhishek CIV 2nd Year
10 Mahesh Reddy CIV 2nd Year 28 Basaveshwar Gharabude MECH 4th Year
11 Navya S N CIV 4th Year 29 Prathyusha P MECH 4th Year
12 Shashank V P EEE 2nd Year 30 Anilkumar CIV 3rd Year
13 Darshan T ISE 1st Year 31 Harish CSE 2nd Year
14 Vinod Rathod CSE 2nd Year 32 Abhishek CIV 3rd Year
15 Nameera Begum BE EEE 2nd Year 33 Govind CIV 3rd Year
16 Aditya joteppa CIV 3rd Year 34 Adithya s k CSE 2nd Year
17 Darshan EEE 2nd Year 35 Nagaraj Vokra CIV 3rd Year
18 Vinay EEE 2nd Year

We will be having a Scholarships Distribution Ceremony shortly and also an online interaction event with the students after that. We will make the announcement about it shortly with complete details. Stay Tuned…

We appreciate every alumni contribution irrespective of whether it is large or small. It is the mindset to “Give Back to UVCE” that we respect. The complete list of donors and appreciations will be added shortly in our website!

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